CCLS is a Language School that started in Miami, Florida. It was Founded in 1993 and has been teaching English, Portuguese and Spanish to hundreds of thousands of students at our own schools as well as educational institutions in other countries. It's curriculum is used in more than 700 schools worldwide.

CCLS has produced exclusive, fully integrated-skill language programs which include a wide range of valuable, authentic materials presented in communicative lessons followed by easy to use grammar. CCLS innovative programs include humorous TV commercials and programs, printed ads, and newspaper/magazine articles. Our combined multimedia and text are interrelated to make learning both interesting and effective.

CCLS SHARYLAND is the branch serving the Rio Grande Valley. It was established in 1994 and bought by recent owner and Director Jo Ann Bannworth in 2014. At this time, CCLS SHARYLAND is teaching  English and Spanish with our exclusive methodologies.

English program
Learn English through the use of our exclusive conversation-based methodology.
Our English courses in Sharyland are One-on-One (recommended) or a maximum of 2 students per class. There is a first come first select schedule with flexibility for working people to select their best times. 
Private English lessons can be arranged at the student's home for an additional fee.

Before registering for our English classes, students must take a free placement test.

Spanish program
​¿Que pasa? No hablas Español?
If your Spanish does not go beyond “Hola, mi nombre es..”, it is time to

visit our language school. We offer Spanish classes with focus on conversation.

JoAnn Bannworth


Owner: Jo Ann Bannworth

Purchased: 2014

Areas of expertise: 
Teaching languages, English Courses, Spanish Courses, one-on-one, Online Skype Courses available: English Conversarionalist Consierge

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